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Filofax decorated pages for May / June / July

For my birthday month I got myself a little present: a black Filofax Original in A5 size, my dream planner. I loved using the personal size for the past few months, but I was so happy to go back to the A5 size because now I have tons of space for writing and of course to decorate. Here are my pages for the following months.


I was very much influenced by the Heidi Swapp memory planner when I did the set up of this planner. I designed new page inserts with the help of my daughter. They are awesome to incorporate the project life cards as decoration or simply to use the extra space to document your ideas. For the second week of May I used the color combination of pink, green and touches of black and white.


For my actual birthday week I used some of the ephemera from the Confetti line by Maggie Holmes. It was glittery pink and gold. Not my usual decor, but oh well it was my birthday after all!


After all the glitter I did the complete opposite and designed a black and white page inspired by Teresa Collins.


Soon enough I was back to the beautiful pastel colors that I seem to be enjoying a lot lately. This page was totally inspired by the awesome stamp by Amy Tangerine. Have I mentioned that I totally love her handwriting?


By mid June Me and My Big Ideas released their new Happy Planner line.  I did not buy the planner, but I did purchase some of the amazing stickers from the line. The inspirational quotes have always been my favorite thing to use in my planner and this booklet is full of them. Here is a page totally inspired by them.


For July I was feeling all patriotic sentiments as the Independence Day celebration was around the corner. I decided to do two red, white and blue pages for the following weeks and to make them different, I did a nautical theme on the first one.


And of course a totally patriotic theme the next week. Happy Independence day!


For the last two weeks of July I was looking at every Target in Town trying to find their new Dollar spot sticky notes collection. As soon as I found it, I used it to create pages for the following weeks.


Pink is definitely used on this page!


I can’t believe it is the end of July and the summer is still in full swing.  After a recent trip to the beach I got inspired by the minty green color of the water to create this page.


As soon as a planner month is about to end, I prepare my monthly calendar for the following month. This time, once again, I was totally inspired by the Heidi Swapp Memory planner.


I will see you soon with more decorated pages and hoping that some of these pictures bring you inspiration to create your own. Thank you for reading!

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Filofax designed pages for March and April

These are the designs for my planner during the month of March and April. I used lots of pastel colors that were inspired by the new Spring season.  I hope that you find ideas to get you inspired to create your own pages.


Some weeks I like to take it down a notch and do a simple design. As you can see pink is my favorite color lately.


Easter Sunday approaching this page was all about it!


I found new planning items at my local Michael’s and was inspired by the girlie look of them.


For this page I wanted to change a little a went to more darker colors: browns, black, gold and white, but still with a spring theme.


Have I mentioned that I love polka dots?


This stamp set from Target Dollar Spot inspired this page.


And here is a preview of next month pages, as you know I purchased my dream Filofax (Original A5 in black) and did a whole new set up for this planner.  The new inserts gave me so much more room to decorate and write that I feel they would be the ones I am gonna use for awhile or at least for a few months (wink!)


Thank you for reading!

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New Filofax original Set up for 2015

Last year I traded my A5 Filofax for a personal size looking for more portability, Then a few months after I noticed that I did not carry my planner as much as I thought I was going to and really missed the space that the bigger A5 planner gave me. As an early Birthday present I purchased my dream planner: the Filofax original in black, and of course a new set up has to be made.



This planner is much influenced by the Memory planner by Heidi Swapp. After taking her class last January  I wanted  to get her planner, but as gorgeous as it is, I still needed something that I could personalize further. Luckily enough she also sells a line of accessories that match her planner, and of course I got most of it!


I used papers from her collection but added printables, other coordinating papers, washi tape, and more to embellish mine.


I still wanted to do my own inserts and for this planner I designed new ones, of course with the assistance of my trusted helper: my daughter.


One of the items that I loved more from her line was this set of pocket inserts decorated with her signature handwriting.


I used a few things from other sources like the sticky note sets from the Target Dollar spot and a few ones from Michaels. I actually altered this target pen to match the Heidi papers.



I am still old school and use my planner to write, cut and paste pictures and I love adding anything that make me happy.


And of course pictures of my babies, so I can always have them with me.


This planner is exactly my style: floral, feminine but with fun touches, so far I am loving it so much that  I think I have reached planner peace.



I will still keep posting pictures of how I decorate my pages weekly, especially now with my new inserts that I am so excited to use.


Thank you so much for reading!

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Heidi Swapp September Skies file folder album

I wanted to keep memories from a recent visit to the Orlando Art Museum. It was such an amazing experience and very out of my normal routine. I must say that us crafters are artist of some kind and even though I don’t paint, seeing other forms of art really inspired me.


For this project I wanted to use the September Skies collection from Heidi Swapp. I was very much drawn to the colors and especially to one of the papers that has a constellation graphics.


This collection was so easy to work with. I should say that part of that was thanks to the amazing ephemera pack that makes embellishment of your pages a breeze.


When you visit an art museum taking photos is a little tricky, you are actually not allowed due to the artist copyrights. I used most of the free brochures to remember those areas and then complemented with the photos that I was allowed to take.


I was really happy that even the brochures match the paper collection.


This whole project is made out papers scored and folded in half creating a cascading effect. To hold the pages together I simply used a stapler that holds everything in place.


For the cover I used a previous collection file folder and used the amazing floral paper from the September Skies collection. And yes I had a blast fuzzy cutting all the flowers! A wood veneer piece and stamping completes the look.


At the end of the project I added a big pocket that holds the extra brochures that I didn’t use. I attached in the front of the pocket the admission tickets and another photo.


Hope that this inspires you to scrap all of those vacation photos that we take and forget when we get home. This project was super fast and simple and something that I am gonna cherish. I’ll see you soon with more crafty goodness.




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