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Tim Holtz inspired DIY Halloween decor

Hello again! I am hoping everybody is having fun decorating their houses for the upcoming holidays. I wanted to share some of the DIY’S that I made to decorate my craft room. As you can see in my previous post, (craft room Halloween decor)  most of them are inspired by Tim holtz, but made from cardboard, paper and just some of his ephemera packs to decorate. Lets face it, buying all thosee trinkets can get costly, so here are my DIY versions:

The first item I created was a decorational tray that is now sitting on top of my typewriter. It is inspired by the configuration boxes from Tim Holtz, but mine is made with cardboard from a cereal box. The first step was to make my little boxes in different sizes ( 4×4, 2×4, and 2×2 inches). Then I played with them until I found the configuration that I wanted. I covered them with black scrapbook paper as a base. The second step was attaching all my boxes together using regular Elmer’s glue, then adding trims of paper to make the boxes more sturdy and give it a more finished look.


Then comes the fun part: decorating the boxes using scrapbook paper and ephemera pieces from his collection.


I wanted to use trinkets to add a dimensional look to my tray. I was lucky enough to find some of these trinkets on sale at Hobby Lobby.

I backed some of the ephemera pieces with cardstock and used pop up dots to raise the images.

I also used moss to add a spooky touch.

This is the finished tray and I loved it. I had lots of fun creating it!

For my second DIY I found a wood display piece at Hobby Lobby on clearance. I then painted it black so I could reuse it on other projects. I used scrapbook paper, crinkle ribbon and some metal pieces to decorate it.


It now sits on top of my Ikea Kallax cubes.

And the last DIY for my craft room was a simple cube display box that I made using leftover ephemera pieces from another project.

I just used a cardboard box to make a 2×2 box that I decorated with scrapbook paper. On top of it I used a wood clip from the Target Dollar Spot and used a chipboard sticker from Me & My Big Ideas (Something Wicked collection) that I had leftover from another project.

These simple pieces were so easy and fun to make, but they bring such a festive look to my craft room. I am now planning to make Christmas decorations using the same ideas.

Thank you for reading! I will see you all in the next post. Have fun creating!








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Craft Room Holiday Decor: Halloween

This year has been a hard one: personal changes, stress at work, hurricanes in my city– that I am so ready to leave it all behind and get on with the holiday spirit to enjoy it all! This is the reason I have decided to go all out on my home decorations this year and this month, I am starting with Halloween. This got me thinking: where do I start? What is the place that makes me happy all the time? That was a no brainer of course, my craft room/office/womancave, the space where I love to spend all my free time. To achieve this I did a little spooky makeover that wanted to share with you all, hoping that it will bring you inspiration to decorate any area you would like to.

One of the reasons I decided to decorate my craft room this year is because I have so many holiday crafts supplies. Yes, the ones that I have been hoarding and not using (gasp!) and that I finally decided to use and say: “No more! Let’s put them to good use!” The first thing I did was change all the images from my display wall just using papers from my stash.

My inspiration started with this Heidi Swapp Pumpkin Marquee kit that I got on clearance last year after the holidays. I always knew that I wanted to use it in my craft room.

I also used inexpensive pieces from The Dollar Tree store that matched my theme.

I have in my display wall frames that I have gotten on clearance, some of them without the mirror insert. That makes it easier to add dimensional pieces like wood veneers on top.

For my Ikea storage I wanted to add some pieces to  jazz it up. First I changed the background of my Heidi Swapp Lightbox (most versatile piece ever!) and added some other DIY pieces.

I even added a fun Halloween mini tree that I made with some leftover pieces from the wreath on my front door. You can also see a sneak peek of my Halloween album for this year.

I wanted the album for this year to be more of a decorational piece, and I love the way it looks. I will be making a separate blog post post later to show you the inside of it.

I also created two additional pieces using cardstock and some of the new Halloween items from the Tim Holtz line.

I will do a separate blog post for those DIY projects to show you how inexpensive and fun they are to make!

To finish my room decor, my desk also got a little makeover. I just changed it a little by using a frame and more scrapbook paper. I also added a few other items from Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree.

An of course my desk supplies and sticky notes had to be changed into a more Halloween theme.

Now I am so ready to start the Holiday season! I see myself here in my craft room enjoying  a Pumpkin Spice Latte while planning and crafting my heart away!

Thank you for reading! I will see you soon with more details with the DIY’S from this post and my home decorations for this year.

Happy Halloween!





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New 2017 Planner

Happy new Year to all! hoping all had a great holiday season with your loved ones. I wanted to share my new planner set up for this year that just started. Here are a few pictures:


You all know by now my love for florals and this year I fell in love with this paper from Pink Paislee (Moonstruck 02 collection). This is what I used for my dashboard, a cut using my Silhouette Cameo and a piece of a Heidi Swapp 3×4 card. This is my mantra for this year: ‘Focus on the good”


I decided to continue using a Heidi Swapp planner as I did last year. I do really like her style, but of course I have to personalize it and make it my own.


I used the usual stationery items I love so much: sticky notes  and pretty pens to complete my set up.




And of course new goodies I picked in the Target Dollar Spot section. I can’t pass a set of donuts erasers right?


Thank you so much for reading and looking forward to continue getting your comments.




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New Craft Room/Office Tour

After so many years crafting out of boxes or having a little corner in the garage, I have finally have a craft room! I moved into a new area in my home and I wanted to share it with all of you. Hopefully this post inspires you or gives you ideas of how to store and organize your craft supplies.

Let’s start by an overview of my room:


Most of my furniture is from Ikea (Kallax and Liatorp collection).


The two white storage shelves are from Target. That is where I store the majority of my supplies.


I have been a crafter for about 15 years now, and my supplies seem to have grown quite a bit throughout the years. Yes. I am a craft hoarder. I admit it.


A few months back, I started to feel really overwhelmed – like I did not want to craft anymore because of the messy condition of my room. At that point I decided to put a stop to the situation, and make a little investment to create the room of my dreams.


It was a lot of work to clear the mess. There were times where I felt lost and did not want to continue decluttering or getting rid of my stuff (gasp!). So to get out of my funk, I started cleaning, painting my new space, and eventually buying new furniture. That gave the inspiration to continue. After seeing how nice everything was looking, I finally got the strength to keep only the items that I really needed or I could not live without. That’s when the real work began…


…and little by little everything started to find its home.




Paper was sorted and color coded, stamps and paper pads organized. Inks, markers, and washi tapes found their new home.





I was very lucky to have a closet in this room. This is where I placed the DIY pegboard I framed. I also added shelves to store the supplies I use most often. And even better, since the closet has doors, I can close the doors and keep my messes out of sight at the end of the day.



Then came the fun part: decorating my room. I used items I love: some from the new Heidi Swapp wall decor line and others from Target.


I used a photo ledge shelve to store and display my collection of glitters. It was practical but pretty at the same time.


And I made a feature gallery wall with some cute items.



When the room was completed I finally felt that I had a pretty but functional space. And most importantly, it was a space I felt proud of.


I now plan to use all my supplies and enjoy all these beautiful things that surround me.




And above all have lots of fun.


Thank you so much for reading and I really appreciate all your comments.





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