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Let’s have a merry Disney Christmas!

It is that time of the year in my household where we decided on what theme to use for our Christmas decor. This year we decided in a Disney theme, and to be honest I was hesitant at first, but wow! This was the easiest and most colorful themed Christmas ever!



The whole house is full of happy touches.



We love making everything from scratch. We start by picking a theme and then looking everywhere for free printables and images that we can use, then add traditional Christmas touches to complete the theme.


For this year we were really lucky that in the Target Dollar spot section there were a lot of different items that helped us create the Disney theme. We found a calendar with awesome images that we used in different areas. We framed the images and oh boy! They looked expensive.


For the living room shelves, we swapped our original pictures for more pages from the calendar and mini figurines complete them.


In the dining room we just cut around the images and used them as decor around a Christmas wreath.


Little touches here and there complete the dining room decor.


Like this cutout added to paper straws. Adorable!


Pinterest was of course a life saver. We found awesome free printables that we used to make banners, garlands and ornaments for the tree. They bring so much color to the decor.


I found this mini chipboard haunted house in the Halloween clearance section and with a little imagination I transformed it into the Mickey and Minnie house. I used some little figurines I found at the Dollar Store to complete it.


Some Christmas greenery completes my foyer decoration.


And of course my favorite candle that I feel matches the theme.


To complete it, all wrapping paper that not only covers the gifts, but serves as a great decoration for under the tree.


Wishing everybody an awesome holiday season and a happy new year! Merry Christmas and we’ll see you in the next post.





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DIY holiday planner and free printables

I love everything about the holidays: the decorating, the baking, the shopping and most importantly, spending time with my loved ones. But how can you juggle all the activities around the holidays without getting stressed out? That is the million dollar question. This year I’m trying to plan the more I can in advance so that when the holiday rush comes I (hopefully?) be well prepared.


I created a simple DIY holiday planner with items I had in my craft room and a set of custom printables that my daughter created for me. The printables are available for you to download and print in case you want to create something similar.


For my holiday planner I used a simple binder that I purchased from Target for just $5.99. I am loving the 6×8 size of this binder. I find it so portable, that I carry it with me everywhere. I decorated the cover with a wood veneer sign I found at Michaels. It was white but I wanted a more festive look, so I used green paint to change the color.


The printables include sections for gifts, card mailing, menus, and shopping.



I inserted various post-its from the Target Dollar Spot and Michaels to have more room to make notes or lists. They are so adorable!


I made a few pockets to keep cards, stamps and mailing labels. I also made one to keep recipe cards that I want to try this year.



I love using my planners as inspiration. Way before Pinterest and Smash Books I loved to clip photos of stuff that I loved. In this holiday planner I used blank pages to add clippings from magazines with photos of beautiful items that I want to incorporate in my holiday decor.


On the back of the planner I used a simple plastic pocket where I’m going to keep my receipts from holiday purchases – just in case I need to exchange or return items after Christmas.


Here is the link for all the printables I used in my planner. Feel free to download them for personal use. I hope you like them!

Thank you for reading and remember, “Keep calm and be merry but plan your Christmas!”


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My Stationery Collection

Everyone knows I have an obsession with the Target Dollar Spot. I love pretty stationery, especially if it’s at a good price that doesn’t break the bank. After cleaning out my Ikea Raskog cart (that’s where I store my collection) I started taking pictures and wanted to share some of my finds with you.



I have been collecting Target goodies for over a year now and I am constantly rearranging my stash to accommodate newer items. My obsession started with a set of two pretty pens that during this year alone have grown to about 50 pens from different collections.


But not only do I collect pens, I am also absolutely in love with their folders which I use not only to file papers, but to make scrapbook folder albums.


And how about the mini binders? They are perfect for scrapbooking your photos.


There are also the most amazing clipboards. They have been sometimes the inspiration for my home office decor.


Just recently, they have started releasing the cutest pencils. Here are two versions of them:


Aren’t they adorable?


Collections are rotated about every few months. Here is a look at what is currently in stores, just in case you want to start collecting too!


Thank you for reading! Ill see you guys in the next post.

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Creating Mini Albums from boxes

One of the things I love so much about crafting is that you can make beautiful creations with inexpensive materials. I have used through the years lots of different options to make mini albums where I store all my photos, but one of my favorite ones to use is cardboard boxes.


Cardboard boxes are very easy to use, they can be easily altered using paint, paper, fabric and lots of other material. But let’s face it, what I like the most is that they are free. As soon as I have an idea in mind I look around my pantry to see what can be the perfect box for my project.


Then I trimmed my box to the size I want and begin its transformation. For the mini albums I use mini ring binders from Tim Holtz to hold my pages, but there are different binding methods that of course can work.


After I trim my boxes comes the fun part: altering them. One of my favorite methods is using pretty scrapbook paper. To attach the paper I use quick dry glue, but any adhesive will work fine.


This is an example of how I turned a little box into a Mother’s Day mini album. I took advantage of the premade opening and just embellished it a little bit.


This travel album is one of the biggest ones I have created and it holds a large amount of pictures. At the time, I was a little worried that the cereal box wasn’t sturdy enough to hold the weight, but adding extra paper inside the box actually makes the box stronger.


This one is a recent completed project and is one of my favorites. I barely used embellishments on the cover. The amazing design of the paper makes it.


This one holds a dear place in my heart. It is a story of myself and it took me awhile to complete as I had to ask family members for pictures that I didn’t have. Now my own children can look at it and see where I came from and my story.


This box was an altered one that I gave as a gift to my daughter for her birthday and it serves as decoration in her bedroom book shelve.


And of course my December Daily albums for the past two years have been altered boxes and are my prized possessions.


I hope that you can get inspiration from this post and start creating. Look around you, there are lots of raw material waiting to be used. The most important part is to have fun while doing it.

Thank you for reading!

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