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Master Detective Album

The Master Detective collection from Graphic 45 was the perfect collection to create an album for the photos from the Mystery murder party that I hosted last month to celebrate for both my daughter and son in law’s birthday. After using some of the papers to create the invitations, decorations, and a live mystery game inspired by the Clue board game, I needed to create a big album that could hold all the pictures from the party.

The graphics from this collection are amazing, they got me so inspired to create one of my favorite albums I have made so far.

The album consists of two pieces: a box that I decorated with different fuzzy cut layers of the images from the paper collection, and the second piece, the actual album that will hold all the photos.

For this project I used the 8×8 paper pad and the ephemera pack. This gave me plenty of material to work with.

I loved creating all the different pages that became full of pockets and interactive pieces.

I used tiny magnets to securely close the interactive pages.

For some pages I created 3D scenes using images from the collection.

The Master Detective collection is a fuzzy cutter’s dream come true!

I wanted to have lots of hidden spaces to put photos. I wanted whoever was looking at the album to have fun finding them.

I also wanted plenty of pockets to hold the printables and memorabilia from the party.

I wanted every page of the album to be fun. On this page, I backed the smaller pictures of the characters in the collection with chipboard, then used red thread and to create the illusion of a police board.

In this page I used an old map paper to mark the location 221B Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes Address.

Some pages have cut outs that I made using my silhouette machine for more fun pieces.

This was definitely an amazing collection to work with.

Hoping this post will give you inspiration to create your own  album.

Thank you so much for reading.



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Murder Mystery Party using Master Detective Collection

March happens to be the birthday of both my daughter and son in law, so we have double the reason to celebrate. In my family we are avid board game fanatics, so sometimes I host game nights at my house, which turn out to be quite fun.  As soon as I bought the paper collection “Master Detective” from Graphic 45  I got this idea swirling around in my head to use it to create a Murder Mystery Dinner Party for both of them. I wanted to create party decorations, invitations and of course an album to keep my photos after the party.

The first step was to create the invitations. I used images from the paper collection and a question mark created from black cardstock that I cut using my Silhouette.

I did not want the invitation to be flat, so I added layers of papers from the collection and used chipboard under them to create dimension.

For the inside I typed simple text in my computer, printed it, and used distress inks to make the paper look vintage.


Then I wanted the house to be decorated inspired by the board game Clue. One of our all time favorites.

Here is a look at the Dining table before the party.

For the place settings I used the classic dinner plates, chargers and linen napkins, but decorated each one with a package for each guest. These included one set of scorecards to be used during the game, a photo of the character they were playing and a pencil.

Of course a killer dinner was served! After the Dinner party I wanted to Play a mystery game inspired by the Clue Board game. I came up with the idea to label areas of the house as locations to the game. Then I hid different clues, and even items that resemble the weapons from the game.


The goal was to find who did it, where they did it, and what weapon they used. I used printables to create a letter with directions and a case file to be used as reference while playing.

It was so much fun seeing everybody using their scorecards to come up with the solution to earn a substantial reward.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in the next post with the album that I made to hold the photos from the party.




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DIY Halloween and Fall wax melts

I have been a candle collector enthusiast for the past two years and I am happy to see my collection growing. But lately I have been bitten by the vendor wax obsession. I did not know that wax melts were so popular until recently, while watching videos online. There is a great amount of online vendors that offer products with different scents, themes, shapes, colors and sizes, so now I scour those websites looking for the latest releases, the newest shapes or seasonal ones. Now wax melts can get pricey, especially when you add shipping costs to them so I have to come up with a DIY version using half burned candles that I have leftover from my collection.

The ones I made this month are for the current holidays: Halloween and Fall, but of course the theme can be changed.

This DIY was not only cost effective, but also helped me recycle candles that were just taking space in my storage shelves.

The first step is to grab all of your supplies: different candles, disposable baking molds, silicon molds ( I get them online from Ali Express), a pot, a wax cutter (a knife will do), wax paper (easy clean up), and decoration items like glitter and sprinkles. I use these items only for my wax making so I try to find cheap disposable ones. Most of them I get at the Dollar Tree for 99 cents.

The first step is to put water to boil, and carefully insert your candle to melt. I use a plastic knife to move the wax while it’s melting to mix it faster.

Then carefully without burning yourself, start filling your molds with the melted wax. You can mix different candles to create different colors. If you want to add decoration to your shapes place them in the mold prior to filling the wax.

Then let your melts harden by drying them overnight or by placing them in the freezer for about an hour.

They will pop right out of the mold when hardened.

To create chunks with different colors I use the baking molds. First I melt one layer of wax and let it dry completely. I then use my wax cutter (Ali Express) to cut squares from it.  I then melt another color wax and use that as my base. I melt it and while is about 50% dry I place the chunks inside, and then cover with a little more wax. These molds take a little bit longer to dry as they are bigger in size.

After drying I cut my mini wax loaf into square chunks. and use bakery bags to store them( I found them at Hobby Lobby).

So here are the finished products. I liked them so much, I made different shapes and used different packaging to gift them to my friends as a fall greeting. I plan adding a wax melter and some fall decor and make little baskets. You can definitely say I am in the holiday spirit.

Thank you for reading. I’ll see you in the next post!





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Tim Holtz inspired DIY Halloween decor

Hello again! I am hoping everybody is having fun decorating their houses for the upcoming holidays. I wanted to share some of the DIY’S that I made to decorate my craft room. As you can see in my previous post, (craft room Halloween decor)  most of them are inspired by Tim holtz, but made from cardboard, paper and just some of his ephemera packs to decorate. Lets face it, buying all thosee trinkets can get costly, so here are my DIY versions:

The first item I created was a decorational tray that is now sitting on top of my typewriter. It is inspired by the configuration boxes from Tim Holtz, but mine is made with cardboard from a cereal box. The first step was to make my little boxes in different sizes ( 4×4, 2×4, and 2×2 inches). Then I played with them until I found the configuration that I wanted. I covered them with black scrapbook paper as a base. The second step was attaching all my boxes together using regular Elmer’s glue, then adding trims of paper to make the boxes more sturdy and give it a more finished look.


Then comes the fun part: decorating the boxes using scrapbook paper and ephemera pieces from his collection.


I wanted to use trinkets to add a dimensional look to my tray. I was lucky enough to find some of these trinkets on sale at Hobby Lobby.

I backed some of the ephemera pieces with cardstock and used pop up dots to raise the images.

I also used moss to add a spooky touch.

This is the finished tray and I loved it. I had lots of fun creating it!

For my second DIY I found a wood display piece at Hobby Lobby on clearance. I then painted it black so I could reuse it on other projects. I used scrapbook paper, crinkle ribbon and some metal pieces to decorate it.


It now sits on top of my Ikea Kallax cubes.

And the last DIY for my craft room was a simple cube display box that I made using leftover ephemera pieces from another project.

I just used a cardboard box to make a 2×2 box that I decorated with scrapbook paper. On top of it I used a wood clip from the Target Dollar Spot and used a chipboard sticker from Me & My Big Ideas (Something Wicked collection) that I had leftover from another project.

These simple pieces were so easy and fun to make, but they bring such a festive look to my craft room. I am now planning to make Christmas decorations using the same ideas.

Thank you for reading! I will see you all in the next post. Have fun creating!








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