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My Stationery Collection

Everyone knows I have an obsession with the Target Dollar Spot. I love pretty stationery, especially if it’s at a good price that doesn’t break the bank. After cleaning out my Ikea Raskog cart (that’s where I store my collection) I started taking pictures and wanted to share some of my finds with you.



I have been collecting Target goodies for over a year now and I am constantly rearranging my stash to accommodate newer items. My obsession started with a set of two pretty pens that during this year alone have grown to about 50 pens from different collections.


But not only do I collect pens, I am also absolutely in love with their folders which I use not only to file papers, but to make scrapbook folder albums.


And how about the mini binders? They are perfect for scrapbooking your photos.


There are also the most amazing clipboards. They have been sometimes the inspiration for my home office decor.


Just recently, they have started releasing the cutest pencils. Here are two versions of them:


Aren’t they adorable?


Collections are rotated about every few months. Here is a look at what is currently in stores, just in case you want to start collecting too!


Thank you for reading! Ill see you guys in the next post.

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