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Let’s have a merry Disney Christmas!

It is that time of the year in my household where we decided on what theme to use for our Christmas decor. This year we decided in a Disney theme, and to be honest I was hesitant at first, but wow! This was the easiest and most colorful themed Christmas ever!



The whole house is full of happy touches.



We love making everything from scratch. We start by picking a theme and then looking everywhere for free printables and images that we can use, then add traditional Christmas touches to complete the theme.


For this year we were really lucky that in the Target Dollar spot section there were a lot of different items that helped us create the Disney theme. We found a calendar with awesome images that we used in different areas. We framed the images and oh boy! They looked expensive.


For the living room shelves, we swapped our original pictures for more pages from the calendar and mini figurines complete them.


In the dining room we just cut around the images and used them as decor around a Christmas wreath.


Little touches here and there complete the dining room decor.


Like this cutout added to paper straws. Adorable!


Pinterest was of course a life saver. We found awesome free printables that we used to make banners, garlands and ornaments for the tree. They bring so much color to the decor.


I found this mini chipboard haunted house in the Halloween clearance section and with a little imagination I transformed it into the Mickey and Minnie house. I used some little figurines I found at the Dollar Store to complete it.


Some Christmas greenery completes my foyer decoration.


And of course my favorite candle that I feel matches the theme.


To complete it, all wrapping paper that not only covers the gifts, but serves as a great decoration for under the tree.


Wishing everybody an awesome holiday season and a happy new year! Merry Christmas and we’ll see you in the next post.





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