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Free Printable: Fitness Planner Inserts

For the past three months I have been following a new, healthier living style by exercising, planning my meals, and controlling my calorie intake. This has helped me, (little by little) to achieve my goals. But I am still a long way to go. Because of this I created a new fitness journal to accompany me on this journey.


I wanted to have something where I could write not only my daily meals, but also my exercises, water intake and other forms of weight-loss motivation. I was using a small, plain notebook to write my progress but I felt I needed something more “pretty” to look at.

This week with the help of my daughter I created new inserts and used my Webster Pages planner to create my new fitness journal. The idea is having weekly inserts to write your daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. There’s also an area to mark your 8 servings of water that are needed daily.


We also created a weekly insert that records my progress, workouts, meal prep ideas, and also houses a grocery list area.


Way before Pinterest existed I used to cut and paste into journals every image I found from magazines and newspapers articles that caught my attention. I still use this method of inspiration to this day. For this journal I created a section where I can put clippings from fitness magazines that I have purchased.


I use this section to journal my feelings, achievements, and both the good and the bad moments of this journey.


I also have a wish list section that helps me plan ideas, and a section for all the good tips I find on the way.


At the end of the planner I have extra paper and sticky notes for when I need to add more content.


And of course, no fitness planner is complete without a mission statement.



We wanted to share the printable daily, weekly and monthly inserts. Here are the links:


We hope that you guys like them. Feel free to use and share them.  (For personal use only!)

Thank you for reading!


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