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Creating Mini Albums from boxes

One of the things I love so much about crafting is that you can make beautiful creations with inexpensive materials. I have used through the years lots of different options to make mini albums where I store all my photos, but one of my favorite ones to use is cardboard boxes.


Cardboard boxes are very easy to use, they can be easily altered using paint, paper, fabric and lots of other material. But let’s face it, what I like the most is that they are free. As soon as I have an idea in mind I look around my pantry to see what can be the perfect box for my project.


Then I trimmed my box to the size I want and begin its transformation. For the mini albums I use mini ring binders from Tim Holtz to hold my pages, but there are different binding methods that of course can work.


After I trim my boxes comes the fun part: altering them. One of my favorite methods is using pretty scrapbook paper. To attach the paper I use quick dry glue, but any adhesive will work fine.


This is an example of how I turned a little box into a Mother’s Day mini album. I took advantage of the premade opening and just embellished it a little bit.


This travel album is one of the biggest ones I have created and it holds a large amount of pictures. At the time, I was a little worried that the cereal box wasn’t sturdy enough to hold the weight, but adding extra paper inside the box actually makes the box stronger.


This one is a recent completed project and is one of my favorites. I barely used embellishments on the cover. The amazing design of the paper makes it.


This one holds a dear place in my heart. It is a story of myself and it took me awhile to complete as I had to ask family members for pictures that I didn’t have. Now my own children can look at it and see where I came from and my story.


This box was an altered one that I gave as a gift to my daughter for her birthday and it serves as decoration in her bedroom book shelve.


And of course my December Daily albums for the past two years have been altered boxes and are my prized possessions.


I hope that you can get inspiration from this post and start creating. Look around you, there are lots of raw material waiting to be used. The most important part is to have fun while doing it.

Thank you for reading!

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