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Completed 2015 December Daily

Happy New Year 2016! I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and wish you the best for this new year. After all the holiday craziness I finally had time to sit  down and finish my December Daily album from last year and wanted to share a few pictures with you.


For this year I used a December Daily album kit from Heidi Swapp that I purchased at Michael’s. I also used a few embellishments from her “Oh What Fun” collection that I found at Joann stores.


The album in itself is stunning, so I decided to keep the cover simple. I just added a wood cut from Michaels stores and a wreath from an old ephemera pack.


I really had a lot of fun making this album. I think it captured the essence of the holiday season and all the moments I shared with my loved ones.


Some pages are really simple as the picture is the main focus.



Yet on other pages, I definitely had fun with embellishments.


Here are other favorites:




A complete video is uploaded on my YouTube channel with the complete album. Here’s the link:

My Completed 2015 December Daily

Thank you so much for reading! I will see you in the next post.


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Creating Mini Albums from boxes

One of the things I love so much about crafting is that you can make beautiful creations with inexpensive materials. I have used through the years lots of different options to make mini albums where I store all my photos, but one of my favorite ones to use is cardboard boxes.


Cardboard boxes are very easy to use, they can be easily altered using paint, paper, fabric and lots of other material. But let’s face it, what I like the most is that they are free. As soon as I have an idea in mind I look around my pantry to see what can be the perfect box for my project.


Then I trimmed my box to the size I want and begin its transformation. For the mini albums I use mini ring binders from Tim Holtz to hold my pages, but there are different binding methods that of course can work.


After I trim my boxes comes the fun part: altering them. One of my favorite methods is using pretty scrapbook paper. To attach the paper I use quick dry glue, but any adhesive will work fine.


This is an example of how I turned a little box into a Mother’s Day mini album. I took advantage of the premade opening and just embellished it a little bit.


This travel album is one of the biggest ones I have created and it holds a large amount of pictures. At the time, I was a little worried that the cereal box wasn’t sturdy enough to hold the weight, but adding extra paper inside the box actually makes the box stronger.


This one is a recent completed project and is one of my favorites. I barely used embellishments on the cover. The amazing design of the paper makes it.


This one holds a dear place in my heart. It is a story of myself and it took me awhile to complete as I had to ask family members for pictures that I didn’t have. Now my own children can look at it and see where I came from and my story.


This box was an altered one that I gave as a gift to my daughter for her birthday and it serves as decoration in her bedroom book shelve.


And of course my December Daily albums for the past two years have been altered boxes and are my prized possessions.


I hope that you can get inspiration from this post and start creating. Look around you, there are lots of raw material waiting to be used. The most important part is to have fun while doing it.

Thank you for reading!

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Heidi Swapp September Skies file folder album

I wanted to keep memories from a recent visit to the Orlando Art Museum. It was such an amazing experience and very out of my normal routine. I must say that us crafters are artist of some kind and even though I don’t paint, seeing other forms of art really inspired me.


For this project I wanted to use the September Skies collection from Heidi Swapp. I was very much drawn to the colors and especially to one of the papers that has a constellation graphics.


This collection was so easy to work with. I should say that part of that was thanks to the amazing ephemera pack that makes embellishment of your pages a breeze.


When you visit an art museum taking photos is a little tricky, you are actually not allowed due to the artist copyrights. I used most of the free brochures to remember those areas and then complemented with the photos that I was allowed to take.


I was really happy that even the brochures match the paper collection.


This whole project is made out papers scored and folded in half creating a cascading effect. To hold the pages together I simply used a stapler that holds everything in place.


For the cover I used a previous collection file folder and used the amazing floral paper from the September Skies collection. And yes I had a blast fuzzy cutting all the flowers! A wood veneer piece and stamping completes the look.


At the end of the project I added a big pocket that holds the extra brochures that I didn’t use. I attached in the front of the pocket the admission tickets and another photo.


Hope that this inspires you to scrap all of those vacation photos that we take and forget when we get home. This project was super fast and simple and something that I am gonna cherish. I’ll see you soon with more crafty goodness.




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Altered box and mini album as a birthday present

As my daughter’s birthday is this month I wanted to make something to show her how much I love her and how proud I am of the amazing woman she has become. There is a saying “The best presents are the ones made from the heart” and this is the reason why I love so much paper crafting and doing things handmade that show our love.


I decided to altered a box that holds a mini album with lots of inspirational quotes, photos of her and little notes of love.


For this project I used the My Mind’s Eye collection Ashbury Heights, which is very colorful and playful.


This collection has the most amazing graphics. My favorite was a floral paper, that reminded me of paper from the Rifle paper company, another one of her favorites.


For my album I wanted an enclosure and decided to alter a muffin box. This box she can use on her bookshelf to store other items like notebooks, paper and more later on.


To decorate the box I used a printable quote I found on Pinterest. I traced the size of the quote and with a craft knife cut around it. The box you can open on the top and sides, to make it easy to attach the quote on the inside and then proceed to decorate with whatever papers you like. After your whole box is decorated just use adhesive to close it back together. The more papers you use the studier your box will get. As a precaution I also used clear acetate sheet on top of the printable for more durability.


After my box was completed I made a simple mini accordion style album with pictures of her.




I can happily report that she loved the gift and is now displayed on her bookshelf. A box that otherwise is garbage can be transformed into a pretty display, just use your imagination. Thank you for reading and I will see you soon with more crafty projects.


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