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New Craft Room/Office Tour

After so many years crafting out of boxes or having a little corner in the garage, I have finally have a craft room! I moved into a new area in my home and I wanted to share it with all of you. Hopefully this post inspires you or gives you ideas of how to store and organize your craft supplies.

Let’s start by an overview of my room:


Most of my furniture is from Ikea (Kallax and Liatorp collection).


The two white storage shelves are from Target. That is where I store the majority of my supplies.


I have been a crafter for about 15 years now, and my supplies seem to have grown quite a bit throughout the years. Yes. I am a craft hoarder. I admit it.


A few months back, I started to feel really overwhelmed – like I did not want to craft anymore because of the messy condition of my room. At that point I decided to put a stop to the situation, and make a little investment to create the room of my dreams.


It was a lot of work to clear the mess. There were times where I felt lost and did not want to continue decluttering or getting rid of my stuff (gasp!). So to get out of my funk, I started cleaning, painting my new space, and eventually buying new furniture. That gave the inspiration to continue. After seeing how nice everything was looking, I finally got the strength to keep only the items that I really needed or I could not live without. That’s when the real work began…


…and little by little everything started to find its home.




Paper was sorted and color coded, stamps and paper pads organized. Inks, markers, and washi tapes found their new home.





I was very lucky to have a closet in this room. This is where I placed the DIY pegboard I framed. I also added shelves to store the supplies I use most often. And even better, since the closet has doors, I can close the doors and keep my messes out of sight at the end of the day.



Then came the fun part: decorating my room. I used items I love: some from the new Heidi Swapp wall decor line and others from Target.


I used a photo ledge shelve to store and display my collection of glitters. It was practical but pretty at the same time.


And I made a feature gallery wall with some cute items.



When the room was completed I finally felt that I had a pretty but functional space. And most importantly, it was a space I felt proud of.


I now plan to use all my supplies and enjoy all these beautiful things that surround me.




And above all have lots of fun.


Thank you so much for reading and I really appreciate all your comments.





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Creating Mini Albums from boxes

One of the things I love so much about crafting is that you can make beautiful creations with inexpensive materials. I have used through the years lots of different options to make mini albums where I store all my photos, but one of my favorite ones to use is cardboard boxes.


Cardboard boxes are very easy to use, they can be easily altered using paint, paper, fabric and lots of other material. But let’s face it, what I like the most is that they are free. As soon as I have an idea in mind I look around my pantry to see what can be the perfect box for my project.


Then I trimmed my box to the size I want and begin its transformation. For the mini albums I use mini ring binders from Tim Holtz to hold my pages, but there are different binding methods that of course can work.


After I trim my boxes comes the fun part: altering them. One of my favorite methods is using pretty scrapbook paper. To attach the paper I use quick dry glue, but any adhesive will work fine.


This is an example of how I turned a little box into a Mother’s Day mini album. I took advantage of the premade opening and just embellished it a little bit.


This travel album is one of the biggest ones I have created and it holds a large amount of pictures. At the time, I was a little worried that the cereal box wasn’t sturdy enough to hold the weight, but adding extra paper inside the box actually makes the box stronger.


This one is a recent completed project and is one of my favorites. I barely used embellishments on the cover. The amazing design of the paper makes it.


This one holds a dear place in my heart. It is a story of myself and it took me awhile to complete as I had to ask family members for pictures that I didn’t have. Now my own children can look at it and see where I came from and my story.


This box was an altered one that I gave as a gift to my daughter for her birthday and it serves as decoration in her bedroom book shelve.


And of course my December Daily albums for the past two years have been altered boxes and are my prized possessions.


I hope that you can get inspiration from this post and start creating. Look around you, there are lots of raw material waiting to be used. The most important part is to have fun while doing it.

Thank you for reading!

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New crafts brewing in the kitchen

I cannot believe it has been two years since my daughter surprised me by creating a blog for me. I’ve always wanted to have a space where I could share my crafty adventures. Since then, Craft Room Secrets has become my partner in crime. Today, after two years in my old Blogger outlet, she surprised me once again with a new gift– my own website. This is going to be a great new adventure! Stay tuned for all the new projects that are already brewing in my crafty mind, and a big thank you to all of you that have followed me for these past two years. Thanks for reading! And a big welcome to all my new followers!


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It is Grinchmas in our house this year!

Continuing with our tradition of themed Christmas decorations in our home, this year we decided to have a Grinch-inspired Christmas. I love the Grinch’s story. It has so much meaning, that it was an easy pick for us.

I want to share this quote from Dr. Seuss: “Perhaps Christmas doesn’t come from the store, perhaps Christmas means a little bit more”. That was the inspiration for our theme this year.

This year was a little bit difficult to decorate, being that the Grinch is not readily available in stores right now. We had to use a lot of our imagination to put the theme together.


But at the end the theme got together well and I especially like how colorful and cheery our house looks this holiday season.

Printables were our best friends. You can find so many things online especially on Instagram to get your theme going.

I was so inspired by the theme that I forgot to take pictures of the process of making some of the homemade decorations. But these frames from Michaels are my favorites. They were unfinished wood that we painted lime green and used a printable to complete.

We made ornaments using the Silhouette and Dollar Tree foam ornaments.

They bring so much color to our tree.

Here are some other pictures of the tree and the DIY ornaments.

For finishing touches I found some Grinchmas fabric that I used to make pillow covers for the living room and even framed some of it for the foyer table.

And I made this sign with the silhouette for the entrance of the house. It is my welcome to our guests to show them what’s ahead.

Thank you for reading and Merry Christmas!
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